Reusi Dat Ton | ITTM's 15 Exercises


Using the book and video you will learn to do the official 15 ITTM Contorted Hermit Exercises (also called Reusi Dat Ton or Thai Hermit Yoga).

The set of 15 Self-Stretching and Self-Massage sequences was developed by the Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine (ITTM), a department residing under the Thai Ministry of Public Health. Actually, these are the exercises often used by Thai Massage schools in Thailand as a warming-up before starting the Thai Massage classes.

The 15 sequences consist of standing, sitting and lying exercises that can be done anywhere with or without a Yoga mat, in about 25 minutes, making them an ideal stretching, basic massage and strengthening workout to be done daily, before or after a sports activity, or whenever you feel like.

In this training we work diligently: the workbook covers exercise descriptions, the health benefits, precautions and contraindications (per exercise), and detailed — with more than 180 clear photos — how to do the exercises.

We've also supplied a convenient Quick Reference page (you can print it out, it’s only 1 page) with small pictures to easily remember the 15 sequences of exercises.

Additionally, we’ve included a video, which can be downloaded or streamed, showing you the entire set of exercises to be used as a guide i.e. tutorial to learn the practice yourself.

Product Contents

This product contains one eBook/workbook (pdf), a quick reference guide (pdf), and one video (mp4). The video (24 minutes) shows you the set of 15 sequences; each exercise within a sequence is repeated twice.

Learn more about the chapters of the accompanying workbook.

For info about Reusi Dat Ton precautions, contraindications, breathing techniques, warming-up and cooling-down exercises, download our free Reusi Dat Ton Support Guide (includes videos).

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First Published
August 2021
Latest Revision
August 2021
103 pages
24 minutes
eBook (PDF), video (MP4)
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Reusi Dat Ton | ITTM's 15 Exercises

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