Reusi Dat Ton Advanced Exercises – 21 Standing Sequences


The set of 21 Reusi Dat Ton advanced standing sequences in this video workshop contains other exercises than carried out in our previous workshops Wat Pho 18 Ascetic Self-Stretching Exercises and the ITTM 15 Basic Positions of the Contorted Hermit.

According to the Wat Pho Medical Massage School there are 80 important Reusi Dat Ton exercises, based on the Samut Thai Khao, an ancient manuscript on Reusi Dat Ton dating from 1838.

Nevertheless, the Thai governmental Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine (ITTM) rather recognizes the broader set of 127 exercises (which includes Wat Pho’s 80 exercises i.e. sequences).

The 21 standing sequences you'll find in this video workshop are a selection of those 127 Reusi Dat Ton exercises. We’ve compiled them into a meaningful set to make a balanced stretching and strengthening workout for your body.

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This product contains an eBook (pdf), a quick reference guide (pdf), and one video (mp4). The video (23 minutes) shows you the set of 21 sequences; each exercise within a sequence is repeated twice.

Learn more about the chapters of the accompanying workbook.

For info about Reusi Dat Ton precautions, contraindications, breathing techniques, warming-up and cooling-down exercises, download our free Reusi Dat Ton Support Guide (includes videos).

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First Published
February 2022
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February 2022
63 pages
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Reusi Dat Ton Advanced Exercises – 21 Standing Sequences

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