Thai Massage - Lower Body Stretches

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Thai Massage - Lower Body Stretches


What Is this Workshop about?

In this 27-minute video workshop we demonstrate a range of Thai Massage Lower Body Stretches (foot, ankle, calf, hamstring, adductor, hip, gluteal, and some related abdominal stretches).

In the accompanying book we take a look at general Thai Massage precautions and contraindications, session preparations, various concepts with regard to Thai Massage and stretches, and at the Thai Massage stretches presented in the video (with pictures).

For Whom is this Workshop?

  ◾ For those who want to know what Thai Massage lower body stretches are about;
  ◾ For massage practitioners who want to add more stretching techniques to their repertoire;
  ◾ For massage instructors who’d like to add more stretching techniques to their massage study curricula.

Workshop Contents

This product contains one eBook (pdf) and one video (mp4). The video (27 minutes), which can be downloaded or streamed, demonstrates the Thai Massage Lower Body Stretches.

You can immediately download the book and the video. If you prefer, you can also stream the video online. Additionally, you'll receive an email with a link to this product. The book is published in pdf format, the video in mp4 format.

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71 pages
27 minutes
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