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The Doula profession is typically associated with the Birth Doula (Labor Doula), but in the past two decades Doula work has become incredibly diverse, covering a variety of specific fields within people’s reproductive journeys, such as fertility, miscarriage, disability, abortion, and adoption, among others.

In addition, Doulas may also work within fields that have little or nothing to do with birthing, such as gender transition, sexuality, loss, terminal illness, or the process of dying, to give some examples. Besides that, there are Doulas who are highly specialized in just one subject, such as massage, Yoga, hospice care, or menopause.

Then you will also find a considerable group of Doulas — the Community-Based Doulas — who support individuals of underserved or marginalized communities. Think, for instance, of Black Doulas, Indigenous Doulas, or LGBTQ+ Doulas.

At any rate, in this book we thoroughly explore the Doula profession, its context, and how it presents itself today. We look at the aims, tasks, and activities within Doula work, and we supply you with a descriptive overview of the various Doula specializations.

We think that this book can be helpful for those who consider becoming a Doula, or alternatively for those who think of hiring a Doula, and in a more general sense for all those who are interested or work in the birthing, reproductive, social, or health care domain.

Note that this book aims at providing you with a conceptual understanding of the topic and is not a training course.

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First Published
May 2024
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May 2024
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All About Doulas

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