Thai Self-Massage


What Is this Workshop about?

Through the book and video you will learn how to do a full body Thai Self-Massage sequence. Thai Self-Massage is part of Thai Reusi Dat Ton Self-Care practices.

In the eBook you’ll find a general introduction to Thai Massage and Reusi Dat Ton, a detailed description of the Thai Self-Massage sequence shown in the video, and information about working with the Sen Sip Energy Lines, including charts with an overview of Sen Line trajectories.

In the 30-minute video we show you the actual full body Thai Self-Massage sequence.

For Whom is this Workshop?

  ◾ For those who want to know what a Thai Self-Massage looks like.
  ◾ For massage practitioners who want to learn how to do Thai Self-Massage.
  ◾ For Thai Massage instructors who need a Self-Massage sequence to teach to their students.

Workshop Contents

This product contains one eBook (pdf) and one video (mp4). The video (30 minutes), which can be downloaded or streamed, demonstrates the Thai Self-Massage sequence.

You can immediately download the book and the video. If you prefer, you can also stream the video online. Additionally, you'll receive an email with a link to this product. The book is published in pdf format, the video in mp4 format.

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  • eBook
    59 pages
  • Video
    30 minutes
  • Type your own price. Suggested US$ 8 or more if you want.
  • eBook59 pages
  • Video30 minutes
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Thai Self-Massage

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